Burton Agnes Hall

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Burton Agnes Hall, located in East Yorkshire, holds a distinctive charm that has remained unchanged throughout its long history. Dating back to 1173 when Roger de Stuteville built the Norman Manor House, this property has stayed within the same family for generations, making it a rare treasure of continuity.

Architectural Brilliance by Robert Smythson

The architectural beauty of Burton Agnes Hall is attributed to Robert Smythson, who served as the Master Mason to Queen Elizabeth I. Smythson’s renowned craftsmanship is evident in his work on estates such as Longleat, Wollaton, and Hardwick. At Burton Agnes Hall, his unique vision shines through in its Tudor Renaissance design. Notably, a plan of the house, one of the few surviving records of its kind, is kept in the RIBA collection.

The Enchanting Gardens

Beyond its historical significance, Burton Agnes Hall boasts award-winning gardens that cater to a variety of interests. The walled garden is a haven for plant enthusiasts, featuring herbaceous borders, a jungle garden, and a campanula collection. Visitors can also enjoy the challenge of a yew maze and engage in some outdoor gaming.

Surrounding the estate, the woodland offers a tranquil arboretum walk, immersing visitors in nature’s embrace. An adventure playground within the woods provides entertainment for both the young and young at heart. Attractions include a double zip wire, a twisting tubular slide, swings, a seesaw, and a spinning roundabout. For the youngest visitors, there’s a designated toddler play area.

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A Family-Friendly Experience

Burton Agnes Hall and Gardens cater to visitors of all ages. For those with an interest in history and art, the Hall offers a glimpse into its architectural and artistic heritage. The gardens, featuring a diverse range of plant life, provide a peaceful escape. Meanwhile, the woodland area and its playground offer endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

As you approach the playground, a charming path takes you through a whimsical woodland setting, setting the tone for a magical experience. The natural wooden playground seamlessly blends into its surroundings, offering a range of exciting attractions, including a double zip wire and a twisting tubular slide.

Friendly Guides and Amenities for Young Children

To enhance your visit, children’s guidebooks are available at the visitor desk, along with the Burton Agnes guidebook. Knowledgeable guides are on hand to answer questions about the Hall’s history and contents. For those with young children, ‘hip seats’ are provided at the visitor desk to make carrying little ones more comfortable. Children under four years of age can enter free of charge, making Burton Agnes Hall an accessible destination for families.

Burton Agnes Hall invites you to step into a world where history intertwines with natural beauty, where architectural elegance echoes the past, and where woodlands become playgrounds of imagination. This timeless treasure is a testament to enduring charm and the power of continuity. Plan your visit to this East Yorkshire marvel and discover the layers of history that make Burton Agnes Hall an unforgettable destination.

Visitor info is here: burtonagnes.com


Burton Agnes Hall, Burton Agnes, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 4NB
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