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Situated in the bustling heart of Hyde Park LS6, Left Bank Leeds stands as a beacon of community-driven creativity and innovation. This dynamic space pulses with an ever-evolving tapestry of projects, initiatives, and captivating events that breathe life into its historic walls.

At its core, Left Bank Leeds is a haven for the curious, a sanctuary for locals seeking inspiration, a workspace for freelancers, and a playground for families. But it’s also a vibrant nexus for artists, visionaries, and creators, a place where ideas flourish and connections blossom.

A Cultural Oasis

The beating heart of Left Bank Leeds is its inviting café-bar, a daily rendezvous for patrons seeking to immerse themselves in a spirited atmosphere. It’s more than just a coffee pit stop; it’s a microcosm of creativity, where conversations spark, friendships bloom, and inspiration flows freely.

A Storied Past

The Left Bank Leeds saga finds its roots in St. Margaret’s Church, an architectural gem constructed in 1907 through the collective efforts of the local community. For 85 years, it served as a place of worship for the Anglican congregation. However, the challenges of upkeep forced the church to close its doors in 1995.

In 2002, a visionary charity, known today as the Left Bank Charitable Trust, embarked on a mission to transform this ecclesiastical relic into a thriving arts and events venue. Thus, Left Bank Leeds was reborn, a phoenix rising from the ashes of ecclesiastical heritage to become a vibrant cultural hub.

A New Dawn in 2015

The story took a new twist in 2015 when Left Bank Leeds CIC emerged, breathing fresh life into the charity’s vision for the space. With newfound vigor, Left Bank Leeds CIC refocused its mission, fostering an environment where fledgling organizations and individuals could nurture their creative endeavors. It became a crucible for innovative ideas, forging new paths and cultivating a vibrant community spirit.

Embracing the Community

In 2019, new leadership stepped into the spotlight, further aligning Left Bank Leeds with its mission of community-centric creativity. The transformation unfolded, weaving a tapestry of affordable and accessible spaces, breathing life into the once-silent corridors of St. Margaret’s Church.

A Canvas for Imagination

Today, Left Bank Leeds flourishes as a versatile venue where art and community intertwine. Its walls echo with the sounds of workshops, galleries burst with exhibitions, and its event calendar overflows with an eclectic mix of experiences. It’s a sanctuary that adapts to the times, embracing the challenges of the pandemic with resilience and grace.

A Vision for Tomorrow

As Left Bank Leeds embarks on the journey ahead in 2023 and beyond, it extends an open invitation to all who dare to dream, connect, educate, share, and perform within its sacred confines. The future of this remarkable space belongs to a community that thrives on experimentation, social engagement, education, and collective creativity.

In Conclusion

Left Bank Leeds is more than a venue; it’s a tapestry of dreams, a canvas for imagination, and a testament to the enduring power of community. With its café-bar as the heartbeat, it pulses with vitality, nurturing connections, and fostering innovation. As it continues to evolve, Left Bank Leeds remains a cornerstone of LS6, an emblem of transformation, and a beacon of creativity.


Left Bank Leeds, Cardigan Rd, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1LJ
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