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image: National Trust / Joe Cornish

Rievaulx Terrace is a hidden treasure nestled in Ryedale, offering a glimpse into the 18th-century landscape. Visitors can take leisurely walks through woodlands and step onto the terrace, where breathtaking views unfold over the Cistercian ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

Seasonal Highlights

  • Spring: The bank between the temples bursts into a riot of wildflowers.
  • Summer: The lawns invite picnics in idyllic surroundings.
  • Autumn: The beech woods adorn themselves in a rich tapestry of hues.

The close proximity of Rievaulx Terrace to Nunnington Hall makes it an ideal choice for a dual visit in a single day.

Unveiling the Past


Discover the rich history of Rievaulx Terrace, dating back to its origins as part of the Rievaulx Abbey estate. Find out how Thomas Duncombe II, the 18th-century owner, envisioned creating a lush garden adorned with grand temple follies. Learn about the likely architect behind this visionary project.

A Landscape of Elegance

Landscape Garden

Rievaulx Terrace boasts one of Yorkshire’s finest 18th-century landscape gardens, graced by the presence of two remarkable temples:

  • Ionic Temple: Drawing inspiration from the classical Roman Maison Carrée in Nîmes, this temple is believed to have been designed by Thomas Robinson.
  • Tuscan Temple: Adorned with exquisite paintings and plasterwork, it embodies the picturesque ideals of the 18th century.

Plan Your Visit


  • Free entry for National Trust members and children under five.
  • Adult: £6.50
  • Child: £3.25

Please note that Rievaulx Terrace closes during the winter season.

Accessibility Statement

For detailed information on accessibility, please download our Accessibility Statement.


Rievaulx Terrace, Rievaulx, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, YO62 5LJ
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