‘Colours Uncovered’ Exhibition at Harewood House

'Colours Uncovered' Exhibition at Harewood House (2)


image: Tom Arber

Colours Uncovered: A Journey Through the Palette of History at Harewood House

Exhibition: 22 March – 9 June 2024

About the Exhibition

A vibrant exploration of colour at Harewood House in Leeds. This exhibition, titled Colours Uncovered, reveals the rich history and fascinating science behind the use of colour in art and objects, from the Renaissance era to modern times.

Highlights of the Exhibition

  • Insight into the vibrant pigments used in Renaissance art.
  • Exploration of the nuanced tones in modern designs.
  • Interactive displays featuring historic colour theory and pigments.

What to Expect

Curated by Darren Pih, the exhibition takes you through Harewood House’s esteemed collection. Discover the stories behind colours in artworks and artefacts, tracing their significance in society, art, and nature.

Unique Features of Colours Uncovered

  • Renaissance Revelations: See how artists like Alvise Vivarini used ultramarine blue to breathe life into their creations.
  • Porcelain Perspectives: Examine the delicate pink hues in the 1700s Sèvres porcelain, accompanied by floral arrangements.
  • Contemporary Contrasts: Max Lamb’s work featuring muted natural pigments offers a modern touch.
'Colours Uncovered' Exhibition at Harewood House (1)

image: Simon Warner

Additional Attractions

  • Rarely seen Bradford-based Society of Dyers and Colourists Textile Collection.
  • James Hugonin’s colour spectrum work and bespoke exhibition designs by Instruct.
  • Walk through Harewood gardens to witness the colour spectrum in nature.

Curator’s Insight

Darren Pih said:“In Colours Uncovered, we take a deep dive into the stunning colours found in our historic and contemporary collections at Harewood House. We’ve invited designers, horticulturalists and colour psychologists to share fresh perspectives on what a colour can tell us. The exhibition explores how colours are derived from environmental processes and the extraction of pigments from nature. It also contemplates the significance of colours in our lives far beyond aesthetic and cultural impressions, examining how they can affect our moods and carry social and emotional meanings. We’re delighted to be unveiling this multi-layered exhibition to launch our 2024 programme.”

Visit Colours Uncovered

Visit Harewood House from 22 March to 9 June 2024. Admission is free with entry to Harewood House.

Learn more at www.harewoodhouse.org


Harewood House, Harewood House, Harewood, Leeds, LS17 9LG
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22nd Mar - 9th Jul, 2024
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