Freedom Festival 2024 | Hull’s Pioneering Arts Celebration

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| Hull City Centre | FREE Entry

Discover the Spectacle

  • Renowned international arts festival in Hull
  • Vivid performances in Hull’s public arenas
  • Provocative, playful, and powerful cultural expressions
  • Extensive festival and year-round programmes promoting community engagement

The Festival’s Inspirational Roots

Freedom Festival draws inspiration from William Wilberforce’s reformist legacy, forming alliances to craft cultural experiences that speak to universal values and our shared future.

From Grandeur to Intimacy

The festival offers a range of experiences, from large-scale spectacles to personal artist-audience interactions, all celebrating the joy of collective cultural encounters.

Artistic Innovation and Community Cohesion

Emphasising innovation, the festival supports artistic growth and brilliant ideas, particularly those unfolding in Hull’s public and civic spaces.

Advancing Artistic Experimentation

The festival fosters an environment for artists to explore new approaches and themes, notably those centered on sustainability, justice, diversity, and social reform.

Contribute to Hull’s Community Fabric

Participants are invited to immerse themselves in culturally significant works, fostering well-being and confidence, thus weaving a stronger social tapestry for Hull.


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28th Aug - 1st Sep, 2024

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