u3a Festival 24 at University of York

u3a Festival 24 at University of York


Since its inception in 1982, the u3a network has flourished across the United Kingdom, amassing over 400,000 members in more than a thousand local u3as. The organisation is dedicated to fostering a culture of shared learning and enjoyment among its members through a diverse range of subjects and activities. This year, the team is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated ‘Festival 24’.

u3a Festival 24: A Convergence of Learning, Activity, and Fun

  • Date and Venue: 18th to 20th July 2024, at the Exhibition Centre, University of York.
  • Sponsorship: SAGA Holidays, specialists in crafting memorable journeys for the older traveller.

The festival promises an enriching mix of educational and leisure activities. Attendees can look forward to a dynamic programme featuring:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Engaging workshops
  • Inspirational talks
  • Exhibitions showcasing various talents
  • Sports tournaments for the athletically inclined
  • Cultural concerts to entertain and inspire

With a commitment to continual innovation, members are consistently contributing fresh ideas, ensuring an ever-evolving lineup of events.


What is u3a:

u3a, a thriving educational network in the UK, connects individuals to pursue their passions, forge new friendships, and enjoy diverse activities. With over 1,000 branches nationwide, u3a offers a wide range of member-led interest groups, catering to an eclectic mix of hobbies and subjects. From outdoor pursuits like hiking, to intellectual explorations in fields like geology and family history, and even activities like sailing and yoga, there’s something for everyone. By joining your local u3a with an affordable yearly membership, you gain access to these groups and can participate in various national programs.

Highlights of the First Day of Festival 24

The opening day of the festival features an impressive array of activities including:

  • Jewellery making and creative crafts
  • Active sports sessions
  • Workshops on writing short stories
  • Meditation and wellness exercises
  • Artistic pursuits like painting and life drawing
  • Eastern practices such as Tai Chi and Qigong

Talks on diverse topics ranging from Astronomy to WWII Minesweeping promise to ignite curiosity and foster learning.

“The countdown to our u3a festival has begun and I am ridiculously excited,” shares Margaret Fiddes, Trustee for Yorkshire and Humber. “It’s all about bringing members together to share the joy of u3a membership. With activities, outings, music, sports, and interactive sessions, we’re creating a truly mixed and full programme. The possibilities are endless, from meeting rooms to sports facilities. We’re eager to create something fantastic and believe it will be a wonderful event,” she adds.

The u3a community is promising an event that is not only a celebration of learning but a testament to the vibrant spirit of its members.


York University, Heslington, York, north Yorkshire, YO10 5DD
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18th Jul - 20th Jul, 2024
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